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At Americas Vision, “Eyecare About YOU!” is our motto. Your satisfaction, your ability to see well, the way you look in your new eyewear is important to us. You are number one. Lets change the way you look together! Trust Dr. Scott Derco and Mr. Dave Phillips with your ocular health, vision and well being today.

InFocus Eyecare Garden City is ready to see you now.


  • Eyeglass Exams
  • Contact Lens Exams
  • Retina Imaging
  • Diabetic Exams
  • Dry Eye Treatment
  • Glaucoma Management
  • Treatment of Infections & Injuries
  • Kids Exams
  • Myopia Control


We work with most major health and vision plans.

  • EyeMed
  • VSP
  • Spectera
  • Davis
  • Aetna
  • UHC
  • Cigna
  • Medicare
Dr. Scott Derco

Dr. Scott Derco

Dr. Scott Derco's journey into optometry began after earning a double major in psychology and biology from the University of Pittsburgh in 1978. Guided by mentors like Dr. William K. Vincett and Dr. David D. Green, he developed a passion for the field, eventually graduating from the State University of New York College of Optometry in 1983. With over four decades of experience, Dr. Derco is dedicated to providing exceptional eye care, particularly for children and young adults, ensuring clear, comfortable, and healthy vision across all aspects of their lives. Collaborating with Dr. Eric Donnenfeld, he co-manages LASIK and cataract patients, enriching his expertise and commitment to his practice. 

Outside his professional endeavors, Dr. Derco enjoys sports, reading, and cherished time with his wife, Carol, and their three sons. These personal pursuits reflect his balanced approach to life and further enhance the compassionate care he extends to his patients, fostering a community of healthy vision within Garden City and beyond.

Zack M.
January 10th, 2023
I will be a loyal customer here for years to come.

Hands down one of the best medical-related experiences I've ever had. I've had increasingly, mild, blurry vision for a few years, which prompted me to get an eye exam about a year ago (at another facility), and was given a very expensive prescription, after what felt like a careless exam, which hasn't been helping.

After just minutes of listening to my symptoms, and doing a VERY thorough eye exam, Dr. Derco determined it to be astigmatism, and had my new prescription dialed in perfectly, everything was crystal clear again! Everyone was so warm and kind from the front desk, to the doc, to the gentleman handling the new lenses.

I will be a loyal customer here for years to come.

KhamKay I.
August 9th, 2023
Exceeded my expectations

Thank you Dr. Derco, Mr. Philips, Carol, and American Vision team!!! They took care of me, laid all the facts, and got me through the examination in a jiffy!

I’m from NC, so I’m always wary of going to things like this in NY (had to get a new doctor, dentist, etc.) The local place I go to in NC— those exams take up half my day, they’re always booked within a year, and the staff are just not as kind as America Vision’s! America Vision exceeded my expectations. They're an honest business who are looking out for your best interests, which I respect them the most for. I will keep coming back to them -- looking forward to getting my new lens!

Mina K.
January 2nd, 2024
Thank you!

I’ve had a lot of bad experiences when it came to eye doctors but I’ve finally found one where I see myself becoming a regular patient. I was seen immediately, no wait time. The doctors were attentive to my needs especially when helping me find frames suitable for my face. I would say it was a little on the pricier side but worth it for the service I received. Thank you!

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